Let us liquidate your assets and maximize your profit

Liquidating and repurposing of office & building material.

No Hassle – No Disposal fees  – No Removal fees

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Item for Sale

24’4” x 11’ Mini Sticks Rink


Located in Sherwood Park

I have attached drawing – it is a cute set up

Only 3 years old Back cladded on one end and one long straight.

No glass or gates as per design, very open concept.

We make selling your items easy

RCI works within your schedule to ensure that there is no disruption to your projects

We come to your site, take inventory, photos, specifications, and then with your approval we start marketing your products and start the path to making money and saving the environment

We will liquidate your assets while you maximize the profits.

Let us be your business Liquidator.

Supply an Inventory List

We create an inventory list of your assets so you know exactly what you are selling

Set up an open house

We will schedule an open house for viewing of all items and connect with potential buyers

Take Photos

We will photograph all items for sale

Advertising & Marketing

We will manage all advertising and marketing of all items to be sold

Help you make a profit

Forward Thinking is What We Do

Making old new again

RCI is committed to helping our communities realize that by reusing and recycling building materials, products, supplies, and equipment we can not only save you monies; but we can help divert unnecessary material from filling our already overflowing landfills and waters.
Regenerate Contracting Ltd. your local liquidator will help you with recycling your unused items.

Examples of the items we have available

Regenerate Contracting Inc
Regenerate Contracting Inc
Concrete Blocks
Regenerate Contracting Inc
Regenerate Contracting Inc
Office Furniture
Regenerate Contracting Inc
Regenerate Contracting Inc
Regenerate Contracting Inc

Customers we love to do business with

Material that are in demand

Liquidating and repurposing of office & building material.

Regenerate Contracting Inc

Some Insights

We specialize in giving you peace of mind knowing that your old junk is not just going right to a landfill but getting re-purposed. Get rid of the clutter in your household or business and help the environment.  Make your old new again,  let your trash become someone’s treasure.  Regenerate Contracting Ltd. your local Liquidator can help.

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Regenerate Contracting Inc

Liquidating and repurposing of office & building material.

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